Providing quality and sustainable housing
for poverty stricken communities
in Tanzania

Bibi Mwanasifa

Bibi Mwanasifa is a 92 year old woman living in the village of Monduli Chini, approximately 45km's outside of Arusha. After losing all of her children to HIV/AIDS, she now relies on her grand-children to help her survive. She is in desperate need of new living conditions.

The Project 

Bibi_Mwanasifa.jpegMonduli has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in Northern Tanzania. Like Bibi Mwanasifa's, whole familes can be wiped out by the virus, and the effects are devastating. Bibi Mwanasifa has now been forced to rely on her grandchildren to help her survive. 

Whilst visiting in July 2013, Max and Adam travelled long distances to find our next project. Through the help of a local woman, they were introduced to Bibi Mwanasifa and her family. Her living conditions are appalling. Her house, made from mud and wood, has become extremely unstable. Holes in the roof and walls make living through the rainy season dangerous and highly uncomfortable. 

Aged 92, she is currently living with  her seven grandchildren, aged from 18 to 29. Only one grand-child has been tested for the HIV virus, which came back with a negative result. Despite this quite unimaginable situation, Bibi Mwanasifa is still working immensely hard to provide what she can for her family and make sure they have a decent childhoodand education.

Our Aims

Provide housing and better quality of living 

We plan to comfortably accommodate Bibi Mwanasifa and her family in a large three-room house. Not having to worry about providing good shelter will enable Bibi Mwanasifa to have a more relaxed life with less worry over the health and livelihood of her grandchildren. As well as this, the children have a place to study for school and reach their full educational potential.

Provide a platform for sustainable income and economic stability

In an effort to create an opportunity of sustainable income for Bibi Mwanasifa, a large vegetable garden is planned which should provide some small income through sale of produce. This will also directly benefit the family by reducing daily food expenses, as vegetables will be readily available. As well as this, we plan to construct another room measuring 12m sq. at the other end of the plot. This will be separate to Bibi Mwanasifa's living space but will belong to her on the basis that it will be used for rental purposes. Having discussed ideas with both her and the elder children this was decided to be the best way for the family to benefit from consistent, low-risk income.

The House 

bibi family .jpgBibi Mwanasifa and her seven grandchildren now have the security of a brand new, three roomed house. Provided with two bunk beds, there is ample space for Bibi and her grandchildren to sleep comfortably for the rest of their lives. Alongside the improved toilet facilities, Bibi and grandchildren have an instantly improved quality of life.

We are still currently working on finding a suitable business for them to run. 

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