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for poverty stricken communities
in Tanzania

Mama Diana

After being contacted by a former IVHQ volunteer Alice Lisle-Denny for assistance with her project, we were more than happy to help her out! Similar to Zac's first project with Mama Mary, Alice found a family who she loved, and who she wanted to build a new house for. She did a fantastic job of raising the money and building a beautiful home. We are proud to be associated with her!

The Project 

Although The House that Zac Built didn't fund this build, we have decided to put it on our website to raise awareness of Alice's project and celebrate her acheivement. 

Before Alice arrived in Tanzania, Zac and Adam spent a week or two helping to set things up for when Alice arrived. Mama Diana's house was in a somewhat difficult location to get materials to. We played around with several different drop off points for the materials until we eventually found the ideal spot. It was still extremely difficult to carry the invidiual stones, cement bags, bricks and timber up a steep hill to the building site. Alice had to incur some extra labour costs, but finished the house regardless of the transportation difficulties within 6 weeks! 

Here's a short video of the construction of Mama Diana's house. 


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