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in Tanzania

Bibi Anna

Bibi Anna lives in Unga Limited, an urban slum on the southern outskirts of Arusha.

The Project 

Bibi-Anna.jpgBibi Anna lives in Unga Limited, a slum on the outskirts of Arusha city. All of her own children have married and moved away and despite this, Bibi Anna takes care of five orphan children aging from 6 – 17 years old. Her sanitation conditions are some of the worst we have ever seen and urgently need to be improved. There is a massive risk of disease as the toilet is nearly full with waste. There will be extra costs to this project as we will have to safely remove all waste before we can start building another toilet in the same area. It is a massive health and safety risk and there may also be problems linked to soil contamination. 

Due to fantastic fundraising efforts from individual Elizabeth Barton, who rain the Paris marathon to raise money for us, we have now been able to fund this project.

This project is now completed and there will be pictures coming up on the site soon! Bibi Anna is extremely happy with her twin-room, toilet and shower space. 

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