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Mama Godi

Mama Godi lives in Monduli Chini, 45km outside of Arusha, in Northern Tanzania. Although her living conditions were reasonably good, Mama Godi had never managed to save enough money to provide her family with a decent toilet.

The Project

mama-godi.jpgMama Godi takes care of eight children from 10 to 24 years old. Some of whom are orphans, who Mama Godi has taken under her wing. Despite her hard work, she is very active in efforts to support her family, being responsible for eight children puts a massive strain on any income and sanitary conditions are perhaps the last thing on her mind. She receives some food support from local NGO’s however was unable to find sufficient funds to properly improve her family’s sanitation facilities. 

Through a local NGO, Zac was introduced to Mama Godi and her family. Her and her families sanitary conditions were appalling. Just a few yards from the house, a small shack made from wood and tarpalling, formed their toilet. Inside, a small hole, and underneath a pit which had begun to fill up. Mama Godi's family were not able to afford toilet paper so would use the pages from excersise books instead. Dug directly into the ground, the surrounding area was just mud, leaving it almost impossible to keep clean and to ensure no spread of bacteria and disease. 


Mama Godi and her family now are happy to have a large toilet and shower room. Although this toilet consists of a very basic design, it is much better than the facilities which they used before. Inside the toilet there are smooth surfaces, making it easier to keep clean, and to stop the spread of disease. They have been supplied with basic hygiene information, and are provided with soap and toilet paper each month. 

It was a beautiful project to work on. The scenery surrounding Mama Godi's plot is stunning. It was so quiet and peaceful that some of us would drift off to sleep each day whilst on our break. We were fortunate enough to be accompanied by a friend of Zac's, Charlie Carr-Gomm, who was filming a short documentary on The House That Zac Built's work. We look forward to the documentary being released later on this year. But, in the meantime you can watch a short trailer here


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